Payout FAQ

  1. How do I get paid?

    All our payments to you are through PayPal. It is Fast, Easy and Secure. You will need to sign up for a PayPal Account to facilitate the payment process. You will need to accumulate a minimum of US$50 before you can initaite a payout. Should you need to request for payout amount lesser than US$50, please email us at for assistance. Do note that there will be an administrative charge of US$5 for the request. To initiate a Payout, Log into your account, Click on "Profile" to go to your artist Admin page. Click on "Request Payout and sales transactions" and lastly, click on "Initiate Payout". This link will also show your sales report.

  2. How long will the payout process take?

    Payment will be paid out by the Last Day of the following calendar month of the request. This helps us to resolve any customer service issues and returns, and to ensure that our buyers are satisfied with their purchases. It typically takes us from 3 to 10 days to fulfil our orders and may take another 10 days for shipping depending on the shipping address of our customer. Our return policy allows buyers to return items within 30 days if they are not absolutely satisfied with their purchases.


    You have accumulated US$85 in your account (More than US$50) and initiated a payout on 16th Jul 2015. You will receive your payout through PayPal by 31st Aug 2015. If, at anytime, you did not receive your payout by the deadline, please do not hesitate to contact us!

  3. How do I track my Earnings?

    You can easily see an overview of your earnings in the Artist Admin dashboard. You will see the detailed sales report by clicking on the "Request Payout and sales transactions" link in the Artist Admin page (by clicking on "Profile")