Artist FAQ

Here are some of the common questions artist have for us. For more details, please check out our Artist Guidebook.

  1. Post your artwork and start earning

    Selling your artwork as a product on Artify is simple. Sign up with us as an artist for FREE ( No membership fee required. All you have to do is post your artwork with us and we will do the rest. Currently, we offer Art prints, Framed prints, Canvas Prints and Acrylic products on our site, but we will be expanding our product range soon! Once a visitor picks your artwork and order any of our product, we will produce, package and ship it for you. All you need to do is to stay creative and do what you love – Create.

  2. You retain all ownership rights to your work

    If you created it, you own it! That's only right! We are merely a forum and marketplace to allow you to display your works and sell them. We do not broker the digital reproduction rights to anyone and no one will have access to your high-res images as they are all kept offline and only used for production when a purchase is made. If you choose to cancel your membership, all your images will be removed from our website to safeguard your rights.

  3. Where do I start?

    Sign up with us as an artist for FREE ( Create your very own Unique URL link through our website. This allows you to share this link to anyone you think would love to see your artworks. Fill up your personal Profile. Introduce yourself to the thousands of visitors of our site by filling up your Biography and while you are at it, why not upload an avatar for your Profile Image.

  4. Upload your Artwork

    Once you are done with the sign up process, you are all set to upload your artworks! Exciting! Start by going to "Artwork Library" in your artist account page and select "Upload Artwork. "Artwork Library" is a folder where all your artwork will reside. Upload a high-res image of your artwork in JPG, TIFF or PNG format. The higher the resolution, the better. Our site samples your high-res image and will only allow your artwork to be produced in larger sizes if it passes the resolution check.

  5. Entering details of your artwork

    Fill up the Title of the artwork. Write something about your artwork in the "Description" field to let viewers learn more about this artwork. Key in relevant Keywords and Select relevant "Categories" to your artwork. This is important as it allows viewers to easily find and see your artwork. You are only allowed to choose a maximum of 5 categories to one artwork.

  6. What products will my Artwork be made available as?

    Your artwork will be made available for sale for our entire line of products.

  7. Set how much you would like to earn for your works

    You have the freedom to set your own commision. Our flexible and easy to understand pricing structure allows you to set your markups base on the Base Price of a product. As a reference, a 12 x 12 inch Art Print produced on Hahnemühle Fine Art Paper has a Base Price of US$11. A 20 x 20 inch Stretched Canvas Print has a Base Price of US$106.80.

  8. What is "Base Price"?

    The Base price of a product includes all material and labour cost of printing and manufacturing a product plus a profit for our site. It also includes a 5% administrative cost which is borne only by the buyer, not the seller.

  9. So what are the cost to me for selling through Artify?

    Absolutely Nothing!

  10. Creating Galleries

    If you would like to group your artwork into your own different galleries, you can easily do so by clicking on "Galleries". This allows you to curate your own artwork and set up a virtual gallery with a link to allow you to send to people whom you would like to showcase your work to.

  11. How does promotions affect my commissions?

    In order for us to market your Artworks effectively, we may use discount codes as a form of marketing tool to the visitors of our site and you are deemed to have agreed to participate in our marketing efforts as indicated in our User Agreement. The final profit that you make, therefore, may be slightly lesser than what you have indicated as they are subjected to deductions based on the discount codes used by buyers.

    Example :

    The Base price of a Framed Print is $150. You've indicated your Markup for the range of the Base Price of Merchandise "Between $101 - $200" to be $20.

    The retail price = (Base Price + Markup) = ($150 + $20) = $170.

    If no discount code was used by a buyer, your profit will be $20.

    If a discount code of a 10% discount was used, Your profit = (Your Mark up – 10% of your Markup) = ( $20 - $2)= $18

  12. How do I edit my Markups?

    Every piece of your Artwork has a Markup tied to it which you would have set when you upload them to the site for the first time. If you need to make changes to them, simply go to your "Artwork Library", and select the "Edit Artwork" link on the artwork that you want to edit.

  13. How do I get paid?

    All our payments to you are through PayPal. It is Fast, Easy and Secure. You will need to sign up for a PayPal Account to facilitate the payment process.

    You will need to accumulate a minimum of US$50 before you can initaite a payout. Should you need to request for payout amount lesser than US$50, please email us at for assistance. Do note that there will be an administrative charge of US$5 for the request. To initiate a Payout, Log into your account, Click on "Profile" to go to your artist Admin page. Click on "Request Payout and sales transactions" and lastly, click on "Initiate Payout". This link will also show your sales report.

  14. How long will the payout process take?

    Payment will be paid out by the Last Day of the following calendar month of the request. This helps us to resolve any customer service issues and returns, and to ensure that our buyers are satisfied with their purchases. It typically takes us from 3 to 10 days to fulfil our orders and may take another 10 days for shipping depending on the shipping address of our customer. Our return policy allows buyers to return items within 30 days if they are not absolutely satisfied with their purchases.


    You have accumulated US$85 in your account (More than US$50) and initiated a payout on 16th Jul 2015. You will receive your payout through PayPal by 31st Aug 2015.

    If, at anytime, you did not receive your payout by the deadline, please do not hesitate to contact us!

  15. How do I track my Earnings?

    You can easily see an overview of your earnings in the Artist Admin dashboard. You will see the detailed sales report by clicking on the "Request Payout and sales transactions" link in the Artist Admin page (by clicking on "Profile")